Could pop music be what it is today without the existence and impact of PC Music? - In memory of the most divisive label of the past decade.

PC Music: a record label, an artistic collective and above all, a cultural movement with influences ranging from the famous Y2K to Western and Asian music scenes (like gyaru and obviously, K and J-pop). In my opinion PC Music brought a new perspective to the 1990s and 2000s, recovering sounds and aesthetics that were starting to be considered "outdated" and also ironically criticizing the consumerist and capitalist culture of the time.

The label and its collaborating artists had a big impact on my adolescence and I believe it also had on thousands of others, who, unlike me, lived through this golden age of the internet. And that's why I, Viter, together with my friend Livia, bring you a TOP 10 Best of PC Music compilations #1, #2 and #3!

P.S. The TOP below do not have a specific order of favorites, but it's in chronological order.

1. Every Night by Hannah Diamond


This song was the start of an era in my opinion. Hannah, with her delicate vocals and simple, easy to absorb lyrics created her perfect formula that would last for a long time to come. And I love that for her.

2. Laplander by EASYFUN


A lively song with a very nostalgic atmosphere. While PC Music 1 isn't a sonic masterpiece, Laplander is a song that really stands out for being so light and easy to listen to.

3. Super Natural by Danny L Harle and Carly Rae Jepsen


Simply Carly Rae Jepsen Herself on a PC Music project, how can something like that be bad!? (Answer: It can't.).

4. Poison by GFOTY


Finally a 'crazy' beat from me! This one rocks, I feel like a poor medieval child who has just been introduced to the rat disease, reviewing his entire life through another lens and quickly accepting their cruel and inevitable end.

5. a new family by felicita


Seriously, as I love "a new family", this song brings a different and much more "dark" vibe to the whole album, being a very remarkable work in Felicita's discography, it's definitely a track that deserves to be remembered.

6. Broken Flowers by Danny L Harle


Bubbly, playful beats, catchy vocals and generic pop that anyone can enjoy should be essential in anyone's TOP. Danny doesn't miss.

7.marzipan by felicita feat. Caroline Polachek


Unfortunately I have to speak highly of Caroline Polachek here, because she and Felicita made history. Marzipan despite being a song with little melody is a song to give goosebumps, both because of the ethereal instrumentals and because of the beautiful vocals of Caroline Polachek. And if I'm going to exaggerate a bit, I'd even say that this is one of my favorite songs in all of PC Music.

8.Party by Planet 1999


This production turns my head, I swear! I won't be able to tell you what's going on here, but if I were to guess, I'd say it's a retro break/d&b with a super delicate and airy vocal at certain times to give the song even more glitter. It's not the most revolutionary or interesting thing in the world, but it really captivates me when it's done.

9.Xcxoplex by A. G. Cook Featuring Charli XCX


Now a classic farofa! When you see a song made by A.G Cook featuring Charli you probably already imagine how it will sound, and I can tell you, you are right! Xcxoplex is the pure juice of what PC Music is and should be.

10.Hey QT by QT


This can be considered an extra here, as it is not on any of the PC Music compilations listed for TOP. But let's be honest, it's impossible to talk about the label and the movement in general without commenting on 'Hey QT', a one-song project by model Hayden Dunham, producer A.G. Cook, legendary producer Sophie, and singer Harriet Pittard, was a massive phenomenon. in the pop and electronic scene, with its differentiated concept and sound that even though it was very mocked, was also revered by the "alts" of the time.

And that ends our TOP 10 Best Songs from PC Music Compilations #1, #2 and #3!

A great era of alternative pop music comes to an end this year. On the 25th of June, from its official website, the PC Music label informed their fans and appreciators that 2023 will be it's last year of unreleased releases, and their next projects will only be special reissues and archival projects.

A lot of people felt the age kick in when the news broke on twitter (well, at least I did!), and I really don't think we'd be in this particular era visually and sonicly if it weren't for the artists that made PC Music what it is, that even purposely dated always referred to the current in a way, and captivated crowds that the mainstream at the time still couldn't. PC Music is timeless in it's philosophy, it's passion for music, and will always exist in one form or another.

Written by: Viter And corrected by: Livia (❛◡˂̵ ̑✧)


The Penguin Orchestra - Signs Of Life

For my first solo review, I wanted to select a random just-no album, while digging deeper into the history and discography of the band Penguin Cafe Orchestra (which lasted from 1972 to 1997 and in the meantime its main musical genres being new age , folk and, of course, ambient) I ended up coming to your penultimate one called "Signs Of Life" which brought me a dilemma...and I think turning it into something here would be interesting.

The album is totally instrumental as well as almost all of the band's works, here there are many string instruments: like the guitar, either acoustic or electronic, violin, viola and a lot of harp here, seriously. There is also the use of percussion in a divine way here, leaving no doubt that the Brazilian influence was in the band (and the name of this influence is Naná Vasconcelos, it is worth checking).

The first part of the album is optimistic and takes you to a pleasant, fun and very illusory feeling of life, it is certainly good, like in the opening song where happiness rolls freely but there is a calm appearing towards the end, something hidden, it's mysterious, kind of harrowing... it reminded me a lot of their first album actually, and that's what persists for the rest of this part.

Monday comes back with that happiness but in a smaller and more "cool" tone, so to speak. The percussions roll free here and I'll tell you, it's my favorite part! mainly because of them that are mass killers and the strings that never make an endless knot, really, this band knows what it's doing! In addition, the ideas brought through the songs are clear here, whether by the titles or just the sounds that bring a well-written and sound message to those who want to hear it.

Hence comes my dilemma: the final music, is it a crazy weird ASMR or am I not ascended enough to understand such art? There's the question! Because I was terrified of listening to this song, it sounded like a sensorial sound of rain with a guitar in the background, Jesus.

In short, I wouldn't say that "Signs Of Life" is a very interesting introduction to the band (for that I would show you the album "Music From The Penguin Cafe" or even one of its compilations, which is a charm of mine, "Preludes, Airs & Yodels (A Penguin Cafe Primer)".) but a great next point after understanding what the band sets out to do and express. The sounds work as well here as ever and I really delved into the 'noise' of the work at various points, if that's what you call involving yourself with an element. Although I wasn't able to get that involved with the first part of the album, at times I thought I got a taste that it needs something more to be 100%, you know? So I couldn't like him as much as I could and wanted to. Even though it's a good album, I don't think I'll be doing much of it again after this one.

That said, I give the album a stunning 7/10 on ViterCharts!

Written and corrected by: Viter (❛◡˂̵ ̑✧)