Masterpiece: MISAMO Make their debut and leaves no doubt about the unit's individual talents

On February 8, 2023, JYP ENTERTAINMENT confirmed the debut of the -long awaited by fans and appreciators of TWICE- unit MISAMO. Along came teaser images that rocked social media with their "mysterious" concept.

This is the first separate project of the three and it was very well received by fans as it was anticipated for years by them, especially considering that recently the TWICE members have finally been receiving treatment worthy of their title of "Nation's Girlgroup", with individual promotions, solos (!!) and now units.

With all this going on, it was no exaggeration to imagine that the group's Japanese trio would finally get together to give happiness to the content-thirsty fans in their country of birth.

The EP starts with "Do Not Touch" which with simple but striking vocals bring a new color to each one of the girls. It's instrumental was no small thing either, evolving throughout the song and giving perfect continuity to the rest of the project. The MV with Renaissance references also gave a lot to talk about for its beautiful composition and a visual production that would envy many.

From now on the album goes well and the next one is called "Behind The Curtain" which with it's circus-like instrumental and the chorus in Sana's confident voice, killed it. The EP surprises again, bringing "Marshmallow" which, even though it's simple, is light and fun, bringing a more relaxed atmosphere to the project as a whole. This one certainly didn't disappoint as a Pre-Single by providing a slight taste of what would be their debut project.

"Funny Valentine" It is even more impactful than the previous one, considering that it continues with the confident -and somewhat sexy- vibe of "Do Not Touch", the classical influenced instrumental that blends very well with the vocals, still is a fan favorite for many. "It's Not Easy for You" Rocks it, the girls vibrate with confidence, and the guitar brought such a good bam' to it overall, the lyrics are not something to ignore either! Kind of lyricists of the century, I think.....

Written by Sana, with a catchy chorus that is easy to get stuck in your head, MISAMO features "Rewind you", the secont to last song on Masterpiece. Being a contemporary R&B with a delicious pre-chorus which doesn't let you take long to absorb because soon after comes the catchy chorus "Rewind imma make you rewind [3x], Rewind imma make, rewind" which, besides being very good, is also very danceable?? And that we can see a lot in the performances of the unit recently.

And with "Bouquet", Masterpiece closes, this is a Japanese drama soundtrack that came when we still didn't have high hopes that a project made of the three would come out. The songs in my modest opinion end this opening chapter very well, with a very commercial sound for the Japanese market, they bring a certain new energy that is not unwelcome and is even well incorporated into the rest of the EP. Very cute, very sweet, bright and fun.

Mina, MOMO and Sana shined here in unique and specific ways to embrace and enhance each other's talent, with notes that fit their natural voice helping the three to show why they are one of the biggest in the industry even after all those active years.

Masterpiece surprised me from it's initial visuals and didn't stop until it was released. Of course it's not perfect, but I found it overall to be quite solid and with the potential to add a lot to the three of them in the future (and God help that JYPE makes notes on how to promote a TWICE album after this Warner Music Japan class), I hope so since from what I can see right now things are going well with the promotions.

Having all that said, and thinking about the whole journey to get to the EP that I show you, I give it a score of: 8.5/10 on ViterCharts! (if it depended on my fan side would be a 10/10 but let's try to be professional once in a lifetime in this blog...)

Written and corrected by: Viter (❛◡˂̵ ̑✧)


A not light, but big delight kiss for your ears: the voice of Yumi Matsutoya

What there is to say about 'Delight Slight Light KISS' by the mastermind lyricist, perfomer, vocalist and sometimes radio host Yumi Mastutoya (also known as Yuming to the "closest" to her)? I have discovered this album on the beginning of my journey with japanese pop and well, what a start.

The project enters with "リフレインが叫んでる" that even now is my favourite song, like, ever, from her, and it's very impacting, considering her mature vocals plus the rocky, upbeat - kinda catholic ?- instrumentals. It's a really great start because it gives a clear message of what you'll have for the rest of the album, but not all, i really like it for that.

"Nobody Else" is the next song and i can't take a break from the catching sounds and melodies i guess! It's upbeat in a melodic and kind of mellow way, i guess it's the citypop talking here? it's amazing.

And here comes "ふってあげる" and i like the groovy synths, but the drums coming through is the star for me here. The catching part "I know I know 私(わたし)が Watashi ga 自由(じゆう)を Jiyuh wo 望(のぞ)んだ Nozon da ふうに Fuh ni ふってあげる Futte ageru" also got me good in this one.

"誕生日おめでとう" Is the cute one for me, not my favorite, but i don't know if i consider it a least favorite, too. The soothing vocals caused by the syths and the 'glittering' effect sounds really give a vibe that this could be in the ending of a really good mahou shoujo of the 80s/90s, and i love that for her.

"Home Townへようこそ" Is the one right now for me, the vocals are stupedous, the instrumentals are outerworldly and the bright colors and emotions that this give me just is worth giving this crazy woman the attention, you know?.

"とこしえにGood Night(夜明けの色)" Is another amazing listen, i wish i could know the lyrics of especially, this one. Just the way she sings it breathly and the way the back vocals have their way with her...It's amazing, to say the least.

"恋はNo-Return" Is such a fun song, the energysing instrumental with various instruments, the soothing back vocals, her own fast vocals just make you want to get up and dance, jump, do whatever you want with your body, it's freeing!

"幸せはあなたへの復讐" Even if it could be sudden, or strange, she changed the vibe a little bit to a more laid-back sound and it didn't even sound strange to the anterior song! That's how much this album's song's are homogeneous to each other. This song especifically is more city pop, calm and romantic, with a thoughful feeling to it that really got me through.

"吹雪の中を" This one is the grand scheme of things for me! Seriously!! Such an amazing and incredible song, it really gets through you with the feelings she puts out. I don't even know what's she talking about here but i know that it's deep and it feel for her. The drums are magical, i don't know...

"September Blue Moon" Is a beautiful end for the album, positive and energising as the rest of the project is. It wraps itself really well, the elements of 'Carnaval Brasileiro' that i also caught with so much emotions! The nipo-brazillian union as aways very strong.

And that's how it ends 'Delight Slight Light KISS' by Yumi Matsutoya. It's overall a really touching project with a solid concept and sound that you can be coming back to without thinking many times, it works like magic! Yuming may not be the best person out there, but she is the best on what she puts out to do, that's for sure. I really wanted to put it out here because of love for lot's of the song's that are in here. i am not going to give it a rating just because. but i really guide you to listen to the album and give it one your own!

Written and corrected by: Viter (❛◡˂̵ ̑✧)